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Level 1

0.05 BTC

With his name at 5 - (5 people)

Level 2

0.25 BTC

With his name at 4 - (25 people)

Level 3

1.25 BTC

With his name at 3 - (125 people)

Level 4

6.25 BTC

With his name at 2 - (625 people)

Level 5

31.25 BTC

With his name at 1 - (3.125 people)

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100% Legal

This system is 100% legal and supported by legislation that allows spontaneous donations of low value without representation or formalization, also if it is not multi-level marketing or ponzi, as the values ​​are transferred directly on the bitcoin wallet participants

Our Role

Our system distributes donations of all users for your upline, directly on the bitcoin wallet each unmediated and fully automated.

About Us

The administration of BitDonation system is not responsible for transactions made using the system because transactions are directly in bitcoins portfolios of users and has no intermediation of our management.

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